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When I met Lynn Tredeau a while back, I was charmed with her unassuming smile and mischievous eyes. Although I had only heard a little of her music, I was delighted with what I did hear. Lynn is a contemporary pianist with a wistful vision, a dreamer, sort of like me. Her solo piano album A New Dream is a hopeful collection of songs that are on the lighter side, but with plenty of color... more 

- RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter

It’s been my pleasure to have been on this journey with Lynn Tredeau, a former debut artists of OWMR, a former number one with her second album and her first release also held number 2 with an impressive tenure in the world 100 chart, there can be no doubt that this fine pianist has indeed got something very special in her musical armoury and were about to find out more right now, as we go on another musical sojourn through her latest release, A New Dream....More

- Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

I always like to judge an album on its opening refrain, if it has passion and purpose and self belief from the off, that sits well with me. I like to see the musician come out of the traps with intent and pride in their work, please excuse my rambling pre amble, but that is exactly what new musician Lynn Tredaeu has done on her debut album Echoes of Life…more.

- Steve Sheppard, One World Music

Echoes of Life is the debut recording of pianist/composer Lynn Tredeau, who started playing the piano at the age of six. As an adult, she taught piano for about fifteen years, sharing her love of music with others. To quote her: “Every song tells a story. I have spent a lifetime playing and loving other peoples stories. Now it is time for me to share my life through my music.” Recorded on a 5’7” Diapason grand piano, the twelve original tracks reflect on loved ones, hiking in the mountains, playing with grandchildren, the beauty of a sunrise or gently falling snow…more

- Kathy Parsons, Manly Piano

"Lynn's solo piano music is soothing and a welcomed reprieve from the increasingly hectic world. Each piece has it's own story to tell and when you close your eyes you can envision a grassy meadow or lying in a hammock next to a bubbling creek."
- Amber Bills

"Delightful, cheerful, peaceful, and engaging. I love this album! I try to listen to it as background music, but find myself unable to do other things, lost in melodies, enjoying the twists and turns. The title of each piece accurately describes the visual scene Ms Tredeau paints with the black and whites."  
- Rhizomes

"This is the real deal. I'm used to long winded uninteresting over produced solo instrumental piano music so I don't listen to it much. This made me sit and listen and ponder all things relative. Thank you for sharing!"
- Wayne White

"I just bought it - and love it! Thanks, Lynn!"
- Lorraine and Family