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"Best New Age Album"

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” attributed to C.S. Lewis

It seems my entire life has been a series of lifetimes tied together. I have been privileged to be called daughter, sister, wife, mother and now grandmother. Life is a journey through triumph & failure, joy & sorrow.......Each stage of life has taught me and changed me. This album is a collection of songs that tell the story of a journey as I dream “A New Dream”.

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Part 1: a-new-dream-part-1

Part 2: a-new-dream-part-2

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Awaken : 

Deepest Part of the Lake : 

Living in a Dream : 

Courageous : 

Lunch with Vincent : 

Pixie Dance : 

Winter Thaw : 

Seasons Change : 

Land of Enchantas : 

A Quiet Memory : 

Ocean of Tears : 

Innocence : 

Shadow of Your Absence : 

What are people saying about “A New Dream”

RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter:

When I met Lynn Tredeau a while back, I was charmed with her unassuming smile and mischievous eyes. Although I had only heard a little of her music, I was delighted with what I did hear. Lynn is a contemporary pianist with a wistful vision, a dreamer, sort of like me. Her solo piano album A New Dream is a hopeful collection of songs that are on the lighter side, but with plenty of color... more

Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio:

One thing that especially stood out to me on “A New Dream” is the down-to-earth storytelling that is conveyed throughout the album, as noted by other song titles such as “Deepest Part of the Lake”, a piece about quietly reflecting on a boat in the middle of a lake... more 

Dana Wright - New Age Music Reviews:

Lynn Tredeau is an award winning artist and her third album has put her on my watch list. This blend of Classical and New Age music is seamlessly done from playful pixies to somber melodies of love and loss... more 

Kathy Parsons - Mainly Piano:

Tredeau was also nominated as Best New Artist on Enlightened That’s a hard act to follow, but Tredeau’s gentle touch on the piano keys and her musical messages of love and hope should send this album shooting up the charts as well... more 

Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus:

A New Dream by Lynn Tredeau provides a journey through a diversity of emotional landscapes, shaped by deeply personal experiences and universal themes. Throughout the album, Lynn allows herself to be vulnerable in expressing her joys and sorrows, and in doing so, creates an empathetic response in the listener... more 

Steve Sheppard - One World Music Radio:

A New Dream by Lynn Tredeau is the artists third album, is this so far her best? That is without doubt the truth, she has added a real layer of depth, sensitivity and emotion into her work and it’s paid off big time, Tredeau is now well on the way to becoming one of the finest pianist of her era... more 

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