Royalty-Free Music For Your Media Project

Lynn is happy to make her music available for your web site, on-hold music, personal film/video project, or slide show! For one small license fee of $7.50 per song or $75.00 for an entire album, you can legally use Lynn's music on your project royalty-free purchase your license below. Please read the following provisions before doing so.

Web Site Use:

You get unlimited use of the licensed song on your one web site provided that the song cannot be downloaded by your visitors embed the music in a flash player to prevent this. You must also provide an obvious song credit to Lynn with a link back to her web site. Such as, "piano music courtesy of Lynn Tredeau."

On-Hold Music / Lobby Music:

Once a license is purchased, you can use Lynn's music as "on-hold" music on one system/network for the period of one year, royalty-free. However, we do ask that your "agents" be instructed what the music is so that if a customer should ask "what music was that I heard?" they can answer "piano music by Lynn Tredeau" and provide the customer with the correct spelling of Lynn's name her website:

Indie Film / Video / Slide Show Use:

So long as your project is a small (less than 100 copies manufactured) personal/independent project, not for sale, you can use the song(s) you license freely. A prominent credit MUST appear in the project as follows: "Song Title" Solo Piano courtesy of Lynn Tredeau. Lynn would greatly appreciate receiving a copy for her archives!

What This License DOESN'T Cover:

Sales, Mass Production or Distribution:

Song(s) under this license agreement cannot be included in any commercial product that is sold or mass produced (100 or more units). A product release of more than 100 units requires a different license. Songs to be licensed for projects that are intended for sale/production/distribution are usually licensed for $50 - $300, depending on production/distribution size. $300/song will often provide unlimited production/licensing rights. Contact Lynn with the specifics of your project for a quote.

Adult Themes:

Song(s) licensed cannot be included in projects that contain extreme violence or nudity. If your project contains any of these elements, but you still feel the music is appropriate, please contact Lynn with the specifics for consideration.


Songs cannot be resold as songs. In other words, you can not license Lynn's music, create your own CD or DVD of those songs, and resell it as your own product. That is a blatant copyright violation!

Commercial Theater, Motion Picture or Television Releases:

Use of Lynn's music in a theatrical show, motion picture or television broadcast is not covered by this license. Songs to be licensed for such projects are usually licensed for $100 - $500, depending on production size. $500/song will often provide unlimited licensing rights. For use of Lynn's music in theater, commercial film or television, contact Lynn with the specifics for a quote.

Sharing, Trading, Downloading:

Song(s) licensed cannot be redistributed, traded, made available for download, or otherwise transferred to anyone else. Nor can they be included in a project in that allows the end - customer to transfer the songs for personal use.

Other stipulations:

Note that when you license a song, you don't own it. You are licensing it for use. There is a legal difference in the copyright sense. If you purchase a CD, obviously you own the CD, but you don't own the copyright or licensing rights to the songs themselves. The songs you license cannot be the main content of your product. This license is designed to allow you to use Lynn's music simply to compliment your existing product or project. This license covers a single user only. It cannot be transferred to another party.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact Lynn.

Your support is greatly appreciated and Lynn hopes your project is a huge success!