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  • Shifting Sands – Hard Copy CD

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    The phrase “Shifting Sands” is used to describe something that is constantly changing, especially unpredictably. Change can be unsettling and makes us uncomfortable. And yet, change can be exciting and brings a new breath into life.

    We all experience doubt and loneliness when things fall apart. There is sometimes a longing to turn back to the safety of the past. But still, taking a chance can bring about the greatest joy and happiness. The collection of original music on this album reflect my thoughts and feelings as I walk my path on the Shifting Sands of my life.

  • A New Dream – Hard Copy CD

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    Life is a journey through triumph & failure, joy & sorrow with each stage of life teaching us and changing us. This album takes you on one person’s journey towards A New Dream.

  • SnowLight – Hard Copy CD

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    SnowLight has 4 original songs and a collection of beloved Christmas Carols. The traditional carols have twists and turns of original music interwoven with well recognized melodies.

  • Echoes of Life – Hard Copy CD

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    Album includes:
    – Beyond the Veil
    – Pines Dressed in Winter
    – Please Remember
    – Mountain Dream
    – The Long Journey Home
    – Dancing in the Tall, Tall Grass
    – Pacific Grey
    – Flight
    – With Sun, Wind and Sand
    – Desert Rain
    – Morning Promise
    – Joyful