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My life has been a journey through triumph & failure, joy & sorrow…….Each stage of life has taught me and changed me. This 3rd album is a collection of songs that tell the story of a journey as I dream A New Dream.

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A New Dream
1.Awaken 4:13
2.Deepest Part of the Lake 4:24
3.Living in a Dream 3:06
4.Courageous 3:53
5.Lunch with Vincent 3:18
6.Pixie Dance 3:33
7.Winter Thaw 3:52
8.Seasons Change 4:03
9.Land of Enchantas 3:01
10.A Quiet Memory 3:26
11.Ocean of Tears 3:34
12.Innocence 3:10
13.Shadow of Your Absence 4:01