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SnowLight has 4 original songs and a collection of beloved Christmas Carols. The traditional carols have twists and turns of original music interwoven with well recognized melodies.

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SnowLight (A Christmas Memory)

1. SnowLight 4:05
2. Angels We Have Heard on High 3:13
3. Silent Night 3:53
4. Ukrainian Carol 3:40
5. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 3:08
6. Colors of a Winter Night 3:09
7. Hark the Herald Angels Sing 2:20
8. A Child’s Christmas Prayer 3:34
9. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 3:02
10.Coventry Carol 2:22
11.Pines Dressed in Winter 5:00
12.We Three Kings 2:51
13.Holly and the Ivy 2:34
14.O Holy Night 4:13

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2 reviews for SnowLight – Hard Copy CD

  1. Steve Sheppard

    Snow Light By Lynn Tredeau
    Written by Steve Sheppard

    Snow Light is the second album from Lynn Tredeau, and as we approach the end of the year, she delivers us a Christmas based album of utter perfection. I really love it when an artist sets the scene with the album title piece and Snow Light the track is not only beautiful, but it sets the scene so classically and may I also say with great originality.
    The classic, Angels We Have Heard on High is next is up next, with a deliberately slow and charming tempo, that slides us into the arms of probably the most well know composition of Christmas work in Silent Night. The light, gentle and respectful way Tredeau plays this makes you feel that your actually standing in the room with her, this is so very warmly played.
    So it’s that time of year, the rush of albums in this genre will be upon us, some good, some not so, but above all I look for originality and I believe I have found that within this album, the melody in Ukrainian Carol is emotive and powerful anyway, but here Lynn Tredeau makes this a totally passionate stand out performance.
    There is still a child in me, that has memories of being up at late, in fact very late on Christmas Eve and I think this arrangement of Jolly Old St Nicholas speaks volumes for my passing musings here. Its quiet approach is like two children hiding downstairs to see if Santa is real or not!
    We move dear reader to Colours of a Winter Night, this one has a special quality of mystery for me, Tredeau’s sensitive performance on this release and this track is refreshing, and on this composition she has created a beautiful
    narrative that allows one’s mind to drift along the snow bound lanes of a winter’s night in December.
    Hark the Herald Angels is upon us and its repetitive melody is enough to spark off some very fond memories of this time of year, however once more I must reiterate that Tredeau’s loving performance and delicacy especially on this piece, is going to win listeners hearts with ease.
    As we move into the second half of the album dear listener, I hope that you’re enjoying the mulled wine and mince pies and find yourself equally at peace with this next composition called, A Childs Christmas Prayer. Ease back and drift into the realm of such a smooth tempo, which will lead us into a real fan favourite called, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. Within this track one can almost feel a sense of the classical here, but retaining its essence of a classic poetical arrangement.
    If you were to ask for a majority vote from our presenters which would be their favourite Christmas song, I have a feeling that this one, Coventry Carol, may well run out winner. Here Tredeau gives another performance of total originality and poise.
    The flowing and quite swan like, Pines Dressed in Winter is now all around us dear listener, I say swan like, because for me this has such a smooth movement about its construction. The higher notes played really do give us a vista of white, a panorama of winters cloak being cast over tall proud trees, this is also the longest track of the album and Lynn Tredeau has given us a stroke of genius here and yes this happens to be my favourite composition from the album.
    Now dear reader, as soon as you hear this one, you will automatically remember a Christmas moment, it’s the seasonal classic We Three Kings. Once again it has to be emphasised, that Tredeau has taken this extremely well known carol and added her own special blend of style and energy.
    The Holly and the Ivy is our penultimate track and Lynn Tredeau can be proud of herself, her arrangements and performances have been fresh and both original and respectful, and on this piece the same can be said once more.
    Well it’s nearly time for us to leave our winter wonderland with Lynn Tredeau and her brand new album Snow Light. So why not finish with an all-time favourite and her arrangement of Oh Holy Night, now if this doesn’t get you in the mood for the big day, nothing will.
    Snow Light deserves to be a seasonal album that will gain respect and an audience that likes classic seasonal material, performed with a lush, stylish performance and created with such dedication to her art. You can’t go wrong with Snow Light it will satiate all your winter musical musings.

  2. Kathy Parsons

    SnowLight (A Christmas Memory)
    Lynn Tredeau
    2015 / Lynn Tredeau
    48 minutes

    SnowLight (A Christmas Memory) is the second solo piano release from Idaho pianist/composer Lynn Tredeau. The fourteen tracks include Tredeau’s arrangements of ten traditional Christmas carols and four originals. All fourteen pieces are peaceful and reflective, evoking images of the quiet tranquility of fresh snow sparkling in the sun (or moon). The music also expresses the warm feelings that permeate holidays that are spent with loved ones as well as the shared memories that bond families and dear friends together. The traditional carols are well-chosen and while the arrangements are original, the songs are all very recognizable and not “too” different from how most people expect to hear them. There is nothing flashy about her interpretations – they are beautiful, graceful, and very gentle. The four original compositions continue in this elegant style, and I think they are the highlights of the album.

    SnowLight begins with the title track, one of the originals. It paints a picture of a Christmas tree decorated with plain white lights – a beloved symbol of the season. Much of the piece is played in the upper octaves of the piano, creating a sparkling effect. “Angels We Have Heard On High” is played a little slower than you usually hear it, giving it a delicate and peaceful feeling. “Ukranian Carol” (aka “Carol of the Bells”) can be one of the more energetic and powerful Christmas carols, but Tredeau has chosen to make her arrangement more peaceful, subdued, and even a bit haunting. “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” is the only “Santa” song on the album, but it fits in perfectly, expressing the wishes and hopes of a child. “Colors of a Winter Night” is the second original composition, another beauty. Light and delicate, the bittersweet melody is both wistful and dreamy – a favorite! “A Child’s Christmas Prayer” reflects on the fact that there are things a child wants for Christmas that Santa cannot bring – requests that can only be made through prayer. The simple melody and heartfelt expression convey the hopes and dreams of innocence. “Coventry Carol” is one of my favorite carols. I love the haunting quality it has, and Tredeau has captured it elegantly and effectively. “Pines Dressed in Winter” is one of the most popular pieces from Tredeau’s earlier release, Echoes of Life, and it fits perfectly on this album as well. “Holly and the Ivy” is another favorite of mine, and Tredeau keeps the simple melody uncluttered yet expressive and sweetly innocent. Other titles include “Silent Night,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” “We Three Kings,” and “O Holy Night.”

    If you are looking for a new solo piano Christmas album this year, SnowLight could be just what you’re looking for! It is available from, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.

    Kathy Parsons


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