Life at Four

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Key – A Major
Level – Intermediate


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Key – A Major
Level – Intermediate
Pages – 4

Life at Four is about my Granddaughter Lena and it is track seven. We flew to Michgan from idaho to be at Lena’s 4th birthday party. From the moment they picked us up at the airport Lena repeatedly told us how old she was. And every time something came out to the number four she would exclaim hey that is like me I’m four and she would hold up four fingers. The day after her party we went with to drop her off at preshcool. She spun and danced and showed off her new birthday shoes and told each person that walked past…..Hi I’m Lena….and I’m four. This was he inspiration for Life at Four!!

About the Album
The phrase “Shifting Sands” is used to describe something that is constantly changing, especially unpredictably. Change can be unsettling and makes us uncomfortable. And yet, change can be exciting and brings a new breath into life.

We all experience doubt and loneliness when things fall apart. There is sometimes a longing to turn back to the safety of the past. But still, taking a chance can bring about the greatest joy and happiness. The collection of original music on this album reflect my thoughts and feelings as I walk my path on the Shifting Sands of my life.

A Special Thank You to my husband Al, my children and grandchildren. Your love and support are eveything to me. And Thank You to our extended family and friends for being the constant in this ever changing life.

Thank You to all those generous people, most notably Sherry Finzer, that have provided guidance and encouragement when it was needed the most .

Last, but certainly not least, Thank You to the many fans and followers for allowing me to share my music with you and your continued support.

All music composed, produced and performed by Lynn Tredeau
Photography by Jim Gilmore
Graphics by David Tredeau Media Design
Recorded by WinterGrass Sounds
Mastering by Cass Anawaty at Sunbreak Music
Distrubution by Heart Dance Records

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2017 Lynn Tredeau (BMI)
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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