It’s been my pleasure to have been on this journey with Lynn Tredeau, a former debut artists of OWMR, a former number one with her second album and her first release also held number 2 with an impressive tenure in the world 100 chart, there can be no doubt that this fine pianist has indeed got something very special in her musical armoury and were about to find out more right now, as we go on another musical sojourn through her latest release, A New Dream.

The opening composition is called Awaken and it slowly opens our eyes to a new day with its mellow construction. The performance on this was so delightful, one could really visualise the rays of a new sun streaming in through the bedroom window.

On Deepest Part of the Lake we have a different arrangement entirely, the gentle and almost careful approach was perfect to depict the subject matter; there is a slight hesitancy within the performance here, one that pays respect to this part of the lake. In an impressive style in her first two tracks, Tredeau has been able to literally paint a picture for us with her piano and do it with a certain class.

We move to Living in a Dream, I have felt like that at times, but this could be a positive or negative song title, however Tredeau’s performance seems to be one of happiness and gratitude, and while she plays, one can almost hear a slight energy of remembrance of a journey to get here.

From time to time we all have to be Courageous; here Lynn Tredeau shows that by playing one of the darker tracks on the album. One can feel a narrative forming within her presentation; the minor chords are blissful and create a real sense of mood. The song has hope and the constant motif within the composition keeps driving onward, this was one of my favourite songs off the release.

Lunch with Vincent is our next piece, while we ponder who Vincent is, we can of course enjoy this almost European styled performance, a sense of a waltz can be found here. This is almost like a song to wander through an art gallery too. Perhaps back to the Baroque era? There is a distinct sense of the romantic in this one, a track bursting with sunlight and joy.
Something very sweet has now knocked on your musical door, it’s called Pixie Dance. The very delicate tinkling of the keys illustrates this with ease; once more Tredeau treats us to a track that has a real element of movement and dance within it and, as the piece progresses one can also feel a real flow forming in the song too.

Moving over the half way point of the album we come to a mood filled track called Winter Thaw. Spring is my favourite time of year; I remember being in the old country and watching the first flowers bloom as winter’s dark and dismal clock begins to wind down, this would pretty much be my sound track to the end of that season. The artist’s skill in offering hope of a new period of growth, whist reminding one of those cold dark nights is sublime in her performance.

Quite appropriately the next piece is called Seasons Change, the energy shift is quite clear and concise, the style is lighter, but respectful. This is a charming arrangement, that one could easily see radiant blooms of flowers blowing in a mild April breeze; this one has such a superb sense of flow and movement, that it’s utterly enchanting.

Interesting enough I remember a book called The Land of Enchantas, this piece of music would make a superb film soundtrack to a story about talking animals, screaming vegetables and sorcerers. The depth of fantasy here is brilliant, perfectly composed and played by Tredeau in a really epic composition that has so much contained within, this deserves multiple listens.

A Quiet Memory, what a beautiful title for a composition and when you listen dear reader, you will find this both appealing and attractive, this one piece really highlights just how far Tredeau has come in her career so far, this has a slight element of drama, a sensible use of power and such a delicate posture of reflection, apart from that, its cleverly played and one that I recommend to anyone to listen to again, a stunning track indeed.

The artist’s reflective genius can be felt again in this next arrangement called Ocean of Tears. The melody and performance live up totally to the title, the performance is passionate and melancholy, but also very clever, just listen to the little spirit of hope, just hidden deep within the weave.

The penultimate piece is now with us dear listener and called Innocence, again the motif is spot on, however the narrative is not one of a wide eyed innocence, but more of an energy of sensitivity, kindness and tenderness found from within a life experience, the extremely superb and delicate tempo changes are really something to behold.

As we move into the last room of the realm of Lynn Tredeau, we can see the artist sitting at her instrument and she will perform for us one final time, this composition will be called Shadow of Your Absence, a dark tale perhaps of loss, but once more there is a sense of personal power waiting to be ignited from that forfeiture, dark and light, night and day, sadness and joy, all of this can be found on this track alone, a wonderful way to end what has been a deeply moving new release from the artist.

A New Dream by Lynn Tredeau is the artists third album, is this so far her best? That is without doubt the truth, she has added a real layer of depth, sensitivity and emotion into her work and it’s paid off big time, Tredeau is now well on the way to becoming one of the finest pianist of her era, she has all the qualities required to do so, in a moment of reflection Lynn Tredeau may look back upon this release and think of it as real bar raiser.

By Steve Sheppard
One World Music Radio