Lynn Tredeau began her love affair with music at the young age of six when her parents got her her first piano. By the age of sixteen she was a master of Classical music. A New Dream is her third album and showcases thirteen original solo piano compositions that give you an up close and personal window into the soul of the artist. Each song is performed with a depth of emotion both evocative and illuminating.

“The Deepest Part of the Lake” begins in an almost hesitant and reverent way as if the listener were looking out over the water and reflecting on the dark fathoms below. Tender and reminiscent of times long past, the piece makes me wonder at the memories invoked. A long ago fishing trip with a loved one? A treasured boat ride or perhaps just a quiet interlude on the side of a lake watching fireworks burst across the darkness of a summer sky. Each keystroke tugs on emotions and the human element within.

“Lunch with Vincent” is an enjoyable piece that makes me at once think of Vincent Anthony “Vince” Guaraldi, the composer of the Peanuts musical scores. Playful and frolicking, the piece could also very well be an audible visit to an art museum on a lunch break to visit the thought provoking art work of Vincent Van Gogh. Either way, the solo piano in this piece is captivating and speaks of creativity of the arts no matter the Vincent in question.

The last song on the album is “Shadow of Your Absence.” This piece resonated with me particularly, echoing the loss of a loved one. Tender and careful, each note touches on the more delicate aspects of our suffering. The love, the loss and yes, even the laughter. We are fragile beings, but we do leave behind a pebble in the great ocean of life. It ripples out with our actions and when we love, the currents go on forever.

Lynn Tredeau is an award winning artist and her third album has put her on my watch list. This blend of Classical and New Age music is seamlessly done from playful pixies to somber melodies of love and loss. The art of sharing emotion through music has to be one of this artist’s greatest talents and I look forward with great longing to her next project.

5/5 Stars
Key Tracks: The Deepest Part of the Lake, Lunch with Vincent, Shadow of Your Absence

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
June 7, 2016
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews