“A New Dream” is the third album from Idaho-based pianist and composer Lynn Tredeau. Having received her first piano at the age of six and subsequently mastering classical music, Lynn eventually found her calling in the realm of new age piano music when she later discovered the music of fellow pianist-composer Michele McLaughlin. Following in the musical footsteps of her two previously award-nominated albums, “A New Dream” is comprised of thirteen solo piano compositions that are largely inspired by dreams, musings and memories.

“Awaken” opens the album in an uplifting yet gentle mode with a moderately-paced melody. Similarly brighter pieces subtly contrast more contemplative moments, oftentimes within the same composition. The lovely piece “Courageous” is one example, in which a lower-register melody opens with a solemn tone that is later joined by a more radiant melody. Another highlight is “Winter Thaw”, an elegantly flowing composition that moves at a traveling pace, as if traversing a snowy landscape. A more buoyant mood is conveyed on “Land of Enchantas”, an enjoyably faster-paced tune in a higher-register that twirls about like a graceful ballerina. Closing out the album is “Shadow of Your Absence”, another memorable piece with a somber touch that appropriately seems to leave the most lasting impression of all.

One thing that especially stood out to me on “A New Dream” is the down-to-earth storytelling that is conveyed throughout the album, as noted by other song titles such as “Deepest Part of the Lake”, a piece about quietly reflecting on a boat in the middle of a lake – or “Lunch with Vincent”, which ponders what it might be like to sit in a Parisian Café with the legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh. I was often reminded throughout of visiting a Victorian-era cottage in the countryside, sunlit strolls by a lake, and pastel meadow flowers. With a piano-playing style that is both delicately poised and melodically dynamic, Lynn has crafted a beautifully wholesome album that’s wrapped in an overall semblance of peaceful optimism.

~Candice Michelle (Journeyscapes Radio)