With the recording of a debut album comes the required necessity to knock on many “doors” and looking for ways to get my music heard. The internet sure makes this easier, but it still takes long hours and many websites that lead nowhere. Not every possibility turns out. Fortunately, there are those that have gone before and left bread crumbs for me to follow. And other artists that want to extend help with the belief that high tide floats all boats. One such place is Enlightened Piano Radio.

Enlightened Piano Radio offers opportunities for indie piano artist that are often lesser known to get their music heard. Artists from all over submit albums for review. Feedback always has value, but for a few, the review results in an invitation to join the Enlightened Piano Radio network of artist. To be part of the network means not only being in the live stream for the station, it also means the giving and receiving of support of other artists and spreading the word about music that restores the soul.

I sent my CD to Enlightened Piano Radio, looking to get some feedback and hopefully a positive review. Being new to the solo piano scene, I hoped for some kind words that I could use for marketing. I am honored and grateful to have Enlightened Piano Radio ask me to join their network of artists. As my music gets added to this collection of amazing music, I am throwing down some bread crumbs. When a new door opens, enter.